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Aerial and satellite repair and install

McGregor Aerials are a professional, affordable, sole trader business. I'm a local, fully trained Freeview, Freesat, Sky and SkyQ audio visual engineer with 10 plus years experience. Free quotations provided on any installation or service jobs and 10% discount available for OAP's. All work fully guaranteed. I cover all areas of West of scotland for TV aerial service and other digital television setups, such as Freesat and Sky Digital TV in the West of scotland area.

Aerial Installations in West of scotland. Digital tv reception signals change from one area to another, digital Freeview reception you receive can be better or worse than other streets in your local vicinity. The television aerial situated on your building can receive worse signal than an aerial installed on your neighbour's property. Why not phone an experienced local tv aerial fitter who can perform a free signal test and if required can install a suitable digital aerial. In all configurations, for example, a bracket installed onto your chimney with a large mast secured to the bracket to gain as much height as possible for the aerial fixed at the top of the mast. To ensure you receive the best possible reception in your area.


Digital aerial or satellite signal reception issues

Do you have Blocky picture on your TV? I can help resolve these issues. Pixelated, snowy, blue, no pictures or missing channels can be restored up to HD quality. Poor reception on aerial or satellite dish can be cured by alignment, realignment, and renewal. RF cables, control, and connections can be repaired or replaced. Acceptable signal levels may be achievable even when your area suffers poor signal strengths, aerial reception issues on digital television can be caused by signal interference, trees, buildings or other obstacles, which can reduce or block the signal you are receiving from the aerial located at your property. Distribution amplifier available for multi-room situations, masthead amplifiers fitted in marginal signal areas. Blocky viewing, missing channels, pixelation, and picture breakup on Freeview is a sign you're in a weak signal area.

Aerial Repairs in West Scotland. Most people in West of scotland are capable of receiving digital television channels. If your experiencing picture issues then poor signal reception is the most likely cause which can be caused by various reasons. Calling out an experienced West of scotland aerial installer from McGregor Aerials will ensure you see an improvement of your Freeview signal and that your Freeview installation you receive remains acceptable for the guaranteed period of time.

Signal Issues

Signal Issues Poor reception issues can be resolved by phoning 07868262765 or emailing If you're having any of these signal issues, let me fix these for you. Have you ever been refused a Sky TV satellite installation because of health and safety reasons or line of sight issues? Then get in touch and give me a call as I can do a free site survey to see if it's possible to install a dish or aerial and hopefully cure your no signal problem.

An engineer can install aerials, cables, f connectors, splitters, boosters, amplifiers, antennas to help sort digital aerial issues.
All sorts of extras can be fitted and supplied to customer's requirements. Setback, cable Extension, aerial extender, f connectors, high gain aerials. Various adaptors.
Wifi and wireless issues are a particular speciality.
All wired network problems resolved, Bluetooth, cat5, cat6, ethernet, rj45 installations.
All satellite work covered. Sky Q, Bracket, extension kit, LNB, Bandwidth, alignment, dish removal, HDMI lead, setup tv.
Home entertainment. All aspects catered for, Internet based TV, hi-fi, Xbox One, PlayStation, PS4.
Broadband TV and online channels can be supplied and fitted. Kodi, youtube, Netflix, BBC iplayer.
Internet work covered, router, modem and ethernet.
Telephone services, socket, sockets, extra points supplied and fitted.
Commercial and business work covered Does your company have Various properties caravan sites, loft, bedroom, campervan, new build house work.
I am trained and equipped to cover installation and repair work in high rise flats, apartments, upstairs downstairs, outdoor, indoor, internal, external.
All internal work is done. Need an additional point run from your bedroom to your living room? Nothing too large (or too small) conservatory, shed, outhouse, house, bungalow, mansion, basement all covered.
Landlord or tenant.
An engineer will be able to troubleshoot any UHF, VHF signal by using test equipment e.g. Freeview direction finder, status meter, horizontal vertical orientation digital satellite meter which will help where wiring faulty, where DIY has gone wrong (often happens), losing signal, to identify lost strength or quality or both. I can repair many other issues, for example, no show program listings, poor reception, weather damage, no signal, not picking up channels, etc.
It is possible to repair lost channels or tv's that don't work properly. Other faults located for example. Cable not working can be cracked, split or water damaged.
Many other services available. For example repair, signal splitting, connecting, fitting, adding multiroom points, moving existing outlets as required.
Alternative systems covered. Telly connector, tube, LCD, screen, Blu-ray, VCR connection as required, video player, wire, start lead, oled, plasma, led, and communal systems IRS.
All Height work is done in a safe manner using Ladders, ladder standoff, cat ladders and safety ropes.

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